Indie electro artist Raindear's debute EP The Game (2014) – is by music critics compared with artists like Björk and Portishead and it imediately climbed top and radio lists in Sweden, Norway, England, Irleand and Czechia.

Her music is best desribed as melodic and cinematique indie electro with influences from jazz and world music. RAINDEAR is veiled by ambience and euphoria tangled in each other, and her haunting vocals have something very characteristic that you don’t hear too often. These catchy tunes are so authentic that they hit you straight in your heart and get stuck there as only hits can, stubborn but oh so welcome.



Next concert and upcoming tours
August 25th – September 1st  Burning Man, Nevada, USA.

September 13th Hemma Hos Festival, Far i Hatten, Malmö.

September 27th Indigo Festival, Blekingska Nationen, Lund.

September 30th Birthdays, Dalston, London.

As Rebecca Bergcrantz

Tour with legendary New York drummer Victor Lewis and trumpeter Anders Bergcrantz

October 14th -23rd.

October 14th Stockholm Fasching

October 15th Härnösand

October 18th Kristianstad

October 19th Ystad

October 22nd Malmö

October 23rd Helsingborg


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