About us


Raindear on stage in surround

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Our mission is to release and publish products on the highest musical and artistic level. We focus on indie pop, classical/contemporary music jazz or other creative universes that thrills us.

Among our artists are the multiple award and poll winning Anders Bergcrantz and Anna-Lena Laurin. Laurin is also the founder of Vanguard Music Boulevard and Laurin/Bergcrantz Music Productions.

Our staff

ANNA-LENA LAURIN; Artist, founder, executive producer/producer.
ANDERS BERGCRANTZ; Artist, artistic adviser, producer.
REBECCA BERGCRANTZ; Artist, producer.
; Film director & producer and artistic director of LAURIN/BERGCRANTZ PICTURES

Our associates

LEON BOSTRĂ–M LAURIN; Chef on special events.
ZAKARIAS LINDHAMMAR; Sound engineer and assistant producer.
DAIN GORDON; Graphic design and artwork THE GAME EP.
MICHAEL DE PASQUALE; Director and DP IPHIGENIA. Photographer in other projects.
JONATHAN WING: Film editor & DP IPHIGENIA and the music video HUMAN KIND.
JACOB SKOTE; Video producer GROWN UPS.
GORAN JAMES DJORDJEVIC; Photographer, webdesigner different projects.